Mr. & Mrs. Pereira, Apertex foundersApertex is specialized in bedspreads and towels manufacturing, a well known sector where we have an extensive know-how and advanced knowledge in high-tech production techniques and when it comes to the choice of the best materials.

Apertex has its own design department, where we define every single aspect of our collections . All of our products meet the most modern manufacturing demands, due to a state of the art shop floor.


Pereira Family, Apertex Founders  


We give special primacy to the raw materials used, and accordingly, we use only components that represent a final product with an outstanding quality. Cotton and polyester are the two main fibers used, however, the company has the ability to adjust production according to customer requirements, offering flexible solutions that meet the needs of those who choose our brand.


1928 - Company Launch

In 1928 the "ANTONIO PEREIRA - FABRICA DE TECIDOS DE SEDA E ALGODÃO, UNIPESSOAL, LDA" company was funded. In this year we took the first steps of a promising future...


2000 - Shop Floor Update

In 2000 Apertex renewed its entire line of production as a differentiating strategy. This way the company focused on production for high segments, which allowed us to reach international markets.


2012 - Increase in Exporting

Apertex strengthens its focus on exports and expands the installed production capacity. In addition to the Spanish market, for several years the main buyer of our production, Apertex conquered new markets, allowing the company to scale its business platform and set even more ambitious goals.


2015 - Certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

In 2015 Apertex achieved the certification of its products according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This certification assures customers that purchase our products, ensuring that they are designed through an entire manufacturing environmentally friendly process.


2017 - Internationalization Award Guimarães Brand

Apertex distinguished on Guimarães Marca 1st gala, in #Internationalization category, awarding its work of excellence, which grants the company a shinning place on value added home textiles, made in Portugal.