Quality and Innovation 

Apertex has its strategy based on two pillars: quality and innovation . Market trends are carefully studied on a regular basis, and our products reflect continuously, the direction of the market for home textiles . Throughout each collection, new designs are created, some abandoned and many others rebuilted, so we can always be leading the market preferences of those who trust in our work.

Customer Service 

Apertex works continuously since 1928 in the sector of home textiles . This important heritage gives us the ability to understand today why so many Portuguese firms grew disproportionately in times of economic growth and end in bankruptcy in periods of depression, such as we are currently experiencing . Our company has been able to withstand all the transformations that the market has undergone in recent decades, and in the process, improve our performance through constant adaptation to the requirements of the global economy. In this context, we deal with our customers and suppliers as true business partners . we have realized that the current world lives under a paradigm of globalization, and today, only companies that combine all the external factors, with their internal processes are the ones that can expand, even fighting against the market trend itself. 

Apertex see customers as a culmination of all the meticulous work that is developed every day, to create a real asset for those who choose us.